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Updating a dresser

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Note: You may need to drill holes for the new legs.

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Allow primer to dry according to manufacturer's directions. We opted for a light shade of semigloss blue on the drawers, with a darker hue for the frame.has a perfect dresser dress-up for dorm dwellers or indecisive decorators: easy-stick contact paper.Cut out a pattern with a paper punch, or find a chic pattern to cover the whole drawer front.However, a gorgeous, traditional dresser with legs and doors in the front, just needs some updating to look amazing.When painting it, if you do an even, smooth finish, it will have more of the brand new look than distressing will give it.You just need to rough up the wood, not completely strip it bare.

Sanding helps remove any glossy varnish that may be on the chest, and it also gives the primer a surface to stick to.

When you're ready for a change, these designs peel off without leaving gunky residue.

Create art that doubles as storage and storage that doubles as art.

I love anything and everything having to do with typefaces.

So it is no surprise to me that I have had my eye on this vintage typographer gift-wrap ever since Emily over at Jones Design Company posted about it as well as many other pretty papers she uses.

Let putty dry, and sand spots until smooth with fine-grit sandpaper.