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Internet dating and exclusivity

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Some might not want to ever delete their profile for anyone no matter what for the forums. There are not any rules set in stone that you have to take your profile down. If she is private or not and not force her to display her online affairs to the public. This can break up your relationship if you bring up profiles and online matters to her to early in dating kind of relationship so I wouldn't bring that up unless she was in fact online surfing for men in front of you.

Many people are on this site to enjoy the forums, and just chat with friends here.OP there is no rule on this, everyone is different.If it's something which is important to you, then bring it up in conversation with the lady in question.You could always discuss it as a topic of debate and see how someone feels about it.there is also numerous threads on this topic that will give you an insight on what the consensus is.If you want to and she doesn't - then obviously that's not a rule she agrees with or agrees with at the moment. Not everyone thinks profiles should be hidden or taken down when you get's not a requirement.

Personally, the longer you wait to talk to me about this, the better off you are.

A few didn't like it and gave me a choice I chose the forums.

Since I had made if very clear from the start I was staying online for the forums and all the friends I had made over the years out here.

The sooner you want to talk about it, the more clingy and desperate you appear.

If you are into her and she is into you..will be too busy actually dating to be on here lookin for love.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.